DigiCon 2018 Explores the Experience Economy


DigiCon 2018 Explores the Experience Economy

Leading tech innovators and trailblazers slated to speak at the Philippines’ premiere digital marketing conference

By Paul Catiang


August 23, 2018 — The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) held a press launch to announce DigiCon 2018, the association’s flagship digital marketing conference. Hosted by RJ Ledesma, the event featured brief speeches and presentations from IMMAP President Ken Lingan and IMMAP Vice President Dennis Perez. DigiCon 2018 is set on October 3 to 5, 2018 at the Philippine International Convention Center and is intended to explore the dynamics between brands and consumers in what’s called the Experience Economy.

Lingan, who is also Country Manager for Google Philippines, said that the digital sphere has expanded and changed the way business is done in the Philippines. This change comes with smartphone technology and its increasing affordability—around 45% of Filipinos have smartphones. This has changed the way products and services are targeted, marketed, and sold. DigiCon intends to help the digital marketing industry to fully leverage what it has to offer.


Experiencing the Extraordinary

Before, DigiCon has tried to capture the challenges facing the digital sphere in its themes. DigiCon 2016 was called The Power of X to describe the transformations happening in marketing. With digital finally going mainstream, it was time to ask and hear the answers to the question, “Why digital?” DigiCon 2017 was called The Culture of Transformation, exploring the many ways of how businesses and individuals can reach out to their customers using digital platforms.

In 2018, it will be DigiCon XE: Experience Extraordinary. This year’s conference aims to showcase the many ways companies and brands can deliver an authentic experience to their customers. This will be done primarily through three sub-themes: UX: user experience; CX: customer experience; and BX: brand experience.


On the Right Tracks

There are also five conference tracks. Dock showcases the Experience Economy in action, as practiced by companies that understand the importance of customer journeys and delight their customers across different mediums. Garage features creative learning experiences, encouraging connections, collaboration, and other ways of using digital. Arena has panel discussions, debates, and fireside chats about issues that shape and are shaped by the digital ecosystem. Labs gets interactive, collaborative, and hands-on with participative workshops that are intended to spark creativity and learning. Lastly, Node looks to the future to help participants make sense of what lies ahead and how to discern and apply these projections to their businesses.


Gurus and Guides

DigiCon has invited 65 speakers to share their knowledge and experience at the conference, beginning with keynote speaker Bozoma St. John, Chief Marketing Officer for Endeavor, the entertainment conglomerate behind Miss Universe, Formula One, and UFC, among many others. Prior to this, St. John was Chief Brand Officer at Uber. She was also head of music and entertainment at Beats. When Beats was acquired by Apple, she became head of global and consumer marketing for iTunes and Apple Music. With her experience in delivering all these brand experiences and translating customer engagement into profit, St. John has much to share at the conference.

Another speaker is Asher Rapkin, Head of Business Marketing, Messaging, and Emerging Platforms at Facebook. His team is directly responsible for global business-to-business marketing for Messenger, WhatsApp, and Oculus. This alone gives an idea of his experience in relatively stable social media platforms and the emerging platform of virtual reality.

Shaifali Nathan, Head of Large Consumer Business—APAC at Google, will also speak at DigiCon 2018. She is responsible for driving thought leadership and product positioning for all of Google’s ad solutions. She has over 15 years’ experience in marketing, strategy, new product development, and product management.

Hosi Simon, CEO of VICE Asia Pacific, is also slated for the conference. He oversees all growth, strategy, and operations across the existing and future territories for all parts of VICE Media’s businesses: VIRTUE, VICE Studio, VICE Digital, VICELAND, and VICE News.

TP Pura, Customer Insights and CRM Innovations for Southeast Asia at Sephora will also speak of her experience in beauty retail in both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar operations throughout Southeast Asia and ANZAC.


Finding a Connection

DigiCon 2018 also makes room for networking. In Startup Meetup, startup entrepreneurs can meet experienced professionals in the field and potential clients in a speed-dating format, letting them meet and match with as many prospects as they can. Should they need more in-depth discussions, speakeasy-type bars will be set up with drinks and fishbowls for calling cards. The Digital Measurement Board will also launch the Philippine Measurement Standard for Influencer Marketing and Performance Marketing in e-commerce.


Lastly, IMMAP is in the process of selecting students from across the Philippines to join DigiCon 2018. Up to 300 students from schools nationwide will get an introduction to this emerging and growing platform to see how their future will shape up and where they can go.

The Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) has been advocating the use of technology for marketing and economic development in the Philippines. DigiCon has been their annual conference for the past three years. For more information on DigiCon 2018, visit digcon.immap.com.ph, follow @immap.digicon on Facebook, or email digicon@futureproof.ph.