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A PANA Brand Masters Session with Paco Underhill


Big things are happening on PANA’s 60th year. Along with PANA’s position upgrade from a marketing effectiveness self-regulating body to a champion for brand building responsibility comes a brand new way to serve the industry better.

PANA brings you the Brand Masters Sessions. A series of seminars and workshops that can help you perform at your peak in this challenging and ever-evolving playing field of advertising and marketing.

“We’d like to go beyond the expected industry giant speakers,” Anna Legarda, PANA President, explained. “We plan to feature international gurus. Because we believe the only way to keep up with the times and improve our performance is to offer our members learning opportunities on a global scale.”


That goal is well underway. For the very first Brand Masters Session in October, PANA will fly in Paco Underhill from the U.S.A. Underhill is one of the world's foremost shopping anthropologists, and regarded by many as the founder of the science of shopping. The choice and timing couldn’t be more perfect. Now that massive changes are happening in the retail business –with more purchasing channels being readily available, giving way to a more empowered shopping generation --our industry needs to elevate the way our brands stand out against the clutter of competition.

Underhill knows how. With 33 years of experience in understanding where people, places, services, technology, and products meet, he has earned the title of leader in prototype retail testing. The demand for his expertise has led him to put up Envirosell, a go-to testing agency for Fortune 500 banks, stores, restaurant chains, and consumer product companies. It also pushed him to author three best-selling paperbacks: Why We Buy, Call of the Mall and What Women Want.

Why Be Buy, in particular, is a witty, eye-opening report on the world’s progressing consumer culture. Here, Underhill brings to light a method to shopping madness. Based on hard data culled from thousands of hours in field research, Why We Buy exposes the power struggle between the merchants, the marketers, and  the increasingly knowledgeable consumers.


Participants of the PANA Brand Masters Session are fortunate to be trained on how to succeed in this shopping struggle. Under Underhill’s 2-day mentorship, you can expect to:

  • Deep-dive into consumer in-store behavior

  • Discover how consumers respond to store layouts, package designs, on-shelf merchandising

  • Get updates and insights on eCommerce

The sessions will prove to be as exciting as they are educational.

  • With an in-depth sit-down lecture on the first day.

  • And, an intensive immersion program on the second day wherein Underhill will take you to different stores and establishments for a first-hand engagement in retail control.

“At the PANA Brand Masters Sessions, we learn straight from world-renowned experts in brand building.”, Legarda said. “We’ve already started, and we’re not stopping any time soon.”


The PANA Brand Master Sessions featuring Paco Underhill and the Science of Shopping is happening on October 29 and October 30, 2018.

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Enjoy an Early Bird rate (for registrants from July to August 15)  of P10,000.00 for PANA members and P12,000.00 for non-PANA members. A Regular Rate (for registrants from August 15 to October 15) of P12,000.00 for PANA members and  P15,000.oo for non-PANA members. And a Late Rate (for registrants from October 15 to October 29) of P15,000.00 for PANA members and P17,000.00 for non-PANA members.

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