“Future-Proof” - Anna Legarda-Locsin speaks about PANA’s Pivot Year


It was because of donuts that Anna Legarda-Locsin first came to know about PANA.

It was 2004 and PANA had organized an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) inter-university competition. Legarda-Locsin was a Management student at the Ateneo de Manila University and one of the many students tasked to develop an IMC campaign that would pole vault a new unknown donut brand into consumer consciousness.


Fast forward to the present, Legarda-Locsin is the Communications Head for Procter & Gamble and president of PANA. She never imagined that her corporate career would lead her to taking the helms of PANA, but as she puts it, “I feel like I’ve come full circle.”

“It is both an honor and a challenge for me to serve as captain of PANA and help strengthen its role as industry steward,” Legarda - Locsin added.

It couldn’t have been a more auspicious time. As PANA celebrates its 60th anniversary, it also faces challenges that come with being one of longest running organizations in the industry.

PANA has maintained its position as the premiere organization that recognizes creative excellence in the industry, but it is struggling to stay connected with and remain relevant to its members.

“We found that there were PANA functions that many members were not aware of,” explained Legarda-Locsin.


One of the first things that the PANA Board did was to sit down and did a thorough and honest review of PANA’s history and plan out its future.

As president, Legarda-Locsin said she and the current PANA Board is fortunate to have the PANA heritage established by those that came before them to build on.

“As an organization, PANA has to move in the same direction as the industry. It isn’t about traditional one way advertising anymore. It is now about building brands that add value to consumers. PANA has to elevate brand building to the level where we as brand custodians can best serve our consumers,” shared Legarda-Locsin.

To do that, PANA is taking itself to task to innovate and reinvent itself. “We have to ‘future-proof’ the PANA brand. What we stand for has to be relevant today as well as way into the future,” said Legarda-Locsin.


The reinvention strategy to reinvent is embodied in the theme PANA adopted for its 60th anniversary: “Championing Responsible Brand Building”.

With this as the guiding principle, the PANA Board has drafted a list of new activities and spruced up some of the more familiar ones to give it a new spin.

“We will continue to have our usual GMM (General Member Meetings) that are about trends, market statistics, but we will go beyond bringing industry leaders to the podium,” Legarda-Locsin explained.

In October, PANA will be holding its first Brand Masters Session which will be top billed by Paco Underhill, a leading industry expert on shopping behavior.

Advertising executives have used Underhill’s books like “The Call of the Mall: The Geography of Shopping” and “Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping” as their Bible in unlocking consumer shopping behavior and sharpening their brand insight.


The Brand Masters Session will be held in October 29 and 30, 2018. The two-day event will feature lectures and end with an actual “shopping trip” where Underhill will take participants to selected store branches to observe and analyze consumer shopping behavior.

The Brand Masters Session is just one of the many activities PANA has lined up for its members. Legarda-Locsin promises that there will be more activities and events like this to look forward to.


This will be a pivot year for PANA. Brand building is at the core of what our members do. PANA will be remain the industry’s trusted partner in championing responsible brand building--and for us that means putting courage and purpose behind everything we do,” Legarda - Locsin concluded.