Pioneer Adhesives Celebrates 60 Years of Bonding


"Pag kayo’y nabasagan

Madaling remedjohan

Pagkatapos dikitan, parang bago nanaman”


The lines of a Pioneer EPOXY jingle are as true today as they were when they were first made popular by “King of Novelty Songs” Yoyoy Villame way back in the 1980s.  

Pioneer Adhesives, Inc. --with its line of adhesive brands, Pioneer Epoxies, Mighty Bond, and Pioneer Pro construction-- has always been a part of the Filipino’s life. A good 60 years of his life, to be exact. 

Who doesn’t remember extending the life of their black school shoes by gluing the soles together with a few drops of Mighty Bond? Or preserving a well-worn rocking chair and the memories it holds for future generations by slathering All Purpose Epoxy on its rocker rails? 


Pioneer Elastokwik Tibay Serye:

Mighty Bond Break Up:


For 6 decades, Pioneer Adhesives, Inc. has made it its business to glue, patch and strengthen just about anything, and making it as good as brand new. 

Looking at how big the company grew, it’s hard to believe that it was once a small manual operating plant along Aurora Boulevard in 1958. Back then, it was named Republic Chemical Industries, Inc. –a small company with a big vision to dominate the local and international adhesives industry.

Today, the Pioneer Epoxies, Mighty Bond, and Pioneer Pro construction brands are performing according to plan.

These products are now available in selected countries such as Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Australia. The demand led Pioneer Adhesives, Inc. to open offices in Indonesia and India –thus, making it the only Filipino multinational adhesives company.


To celebrate its string of victories, Republic Chemical Industries, Inc. made a bold move and rebranded itself to Pioneer Adhesives, Inc. This move was crucial in aligning the company and its product lines into a more popular, unified and stronger brand identity. The new corporate name was introduced at the recent Pioneer Adhesives’ National Conference in Bohol, while the new corporate logo was physically unveiled during the company’s 60th year special celebration at Pioneer’s LMS Manufacturing Complex in Canlubang. Here, Pioneer Adhesives’ Chairman and CEO, John W. Spakowski II, enlightened everyone with his commemorative speech: “It’s psychologically stronger and stirs more emotion to rename our company to be synonymous with our pioneering spirit –which is our culture.”

That pioneering spirit is what continues to strengthen the company’s bond with the consumer.


In more ways than one, Pioneer Adhesives proves that it understands the needs of the people it caters to. This has a lot to do with how the company aligns its programs and communications to the ethos of “Responsible Brand Building”, a theme that PANA shares. “Being responsible means we will continue to strengthen our identity by providing quality products to the market and playing an important role in the lives of Filipinos.”, Spakowski II concluded.